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As this website grows in popularity, I have noticed a pattern in the type of searches used to find it.  One of the wonderful parts of publishing this website is reading the inquiries that come in from my visitors.  Some are humorous; some make me want to investigate the answer to the question.  On this page I will address some of the inquiries this website receives.


Can All Spider Solitaire Card Games be Won?

If we take a logical approach and if we assume each game beginnings with a random shuffle, then the following could occur.
If on the last deal of the game you were dealt 8 aces, not placed on twos and 2 fives. You would not have any moves available to you and you would loose.
The logical answer to the question is NO

What are the Odds of Winning?

I do not think the odds of winning can be determined.  A math genius many be able to compute the astronomical number of possible game combinations, but determining the number of games that could be won, would be subjective at best.  In determining the percentage of possible winning games, one must first identify all possible loosing card combinations.  Again, how does one determine that?  Also note that the odds change with each move made.

The only thing I know for sure is that the odds of you winning will increase the more you play!

What is the Best Spider Solitaire Score?

I do not think the best score will ever be known and possibly gets better every day.
As the term solitaire card game implies, this game is a loner’s game so comparing scores is not a top priority.  You are always trying to beat your best score.  Besides telling someone about your best score is like a fisherman telling his/her tale about the one that got away.

But it did get me thinking about the best possible spider solitaire score, or the fewest moves.  The game starts you out with 500 points and deducts a point for each move (and adds 1 to the moves counter).  As each of the 8 families (same suit ace - king) is completed, 100 is added to the score. Therefore the best possible Spider Solitaire score has the fewest moves plus 800 points.  It does not matter if you play the beginner or advanced game the fewest moves are the same.

Here is what I came up with.  As in the example above (can all games be won) this is hypothetical, the odds of being dealt this hand are greater than astronomical, and you would never know it without dealing all cards first.

If you were dealt a hand of cards as shown in the tables below…  And dealt all cards from the reserve pile before beginning…  And played them in a logical manner.  You could win in 46 moves.  I believe the best possible Spider Solitaire score is 1,254.  Here is how I played it.

Using the tables below as a reference (each color represents a suit) and note all cards from the reserve pile are dealt:
  1. Begin from the left side.
  2. Place the blue 7 (and 2-6) on the blue 8.  That exposes the blue ace.
  3. Place the blue ace on the blue 2.  That completes one family.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the remaining families.
  5. Now starting from the right.
  6. Place the red ace on the red 2 then the 2 on the 3 etc.
  7. Continue right to left progressing up all the families.

The best possible spider solitaire score can only be won with cards dealt as shown and game played as described.

What is the Spider Solitaire Record?

This one is easy.  I have the record.  I swear I have the record for most games played.  But, if you mean the highest game score, I have that too.  Prove otherwise! 

Here again, solitaire is about you and improving on your best record.  For me it is not the highest score but if my win/loss ratio is improving.  Periodically I reset the game stats and start from scratch.  After a few hundred games I compare the win/loss ratio to the one I just reset.  That tells me if I am improving.  I wait a few hundred games, because face it, if I win the first game and compare, my percent wins is 100%.

If you compare record scores, you must also factor in the difficulty of that particular hand.  To compare your Spider Solitaire record score to another’s you should both play the same game.
However; if you wanted to compare your Spider Solitaire skills to another’s, it would be best to compare win/loss ratios over two hundred or more games.

Good luck to you and above all HAVE FUN!

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