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Save Winning Spider Solitaire Games

I will show you how to save winning Spider Solitaire games to replay later on your computer or a friend’s computer. Can Your Friends Win the Same Game?

Please Note:  This process involves saving and renaming data files.  Your Spider Solitaire game software will not be affected. Please see ** Other Considerations. The Saved Games folder is a dedicated Microsoft folder name and should be treated as such.

There are 4 segments to this process and I will discuss each one in detail.

  1. Saving winning Spider Solitaire games.
  2. Renaming the winning game to preserve it for future use.  Each time a game is saved it replaces the existing game copy in a generic file. That file must be given a unique name to prevent it form being replaced by the next saved game.
  3. Initiating the Winning Spider Solitaire Game replay.
  4. Replay Winning Spider Solitaire Games on a second computer.

Saving the winning Spider Solitaire game.

  • Play your game until you know you are going to win and STOP one move short of the actual win.
  • Note your game score.  The final score is 99 points more than the score shown.
  • Click the Game tab.
  • Select Exit from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Save found in the Exit game window.
  • Your winning game is now saved in a folder, Saved Games\Microsoft Games\Spider Solitaire\, with the generic name Spider Solitaire.

Renaming the winning Spider Solitaire game.

  • Right click on the Spider Solitaire icon you use to initiate your game.
  • Click on Saved Games found on the dropdown menu.
  • A new window of saved games will open as in the example below.

ISaved Spider Solitaire games are shown here in this window. Rename and copy your Spider Solitaire games here.

  • Right click on the Spider Solitaire file to rename the file.
  • I suggest renaming it using your name, current date and final game score. E.g. Cathy 5-10-09 1254
  • Do this for each winning Spider Solitaire game you save and you will see the list grow when you open the Spider Solitaire saved games folder.

Initiating the Winning Spider Solitaire Game replay.

  • Open the Spider Solitaire Saved Games folder as above.
  • Double click on the winning game you want to replay.
  • The game will commence where you stopped and saved it, at the last move before the win.
  • Click the Game tab.
  • Select New Game from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Restart This Game found in the New game window.
  • You are now replaying your winning Spider Solitaire game.
  • Note that this game can be replayed as often as desired without modifications. To remove the winning game completely, you must delete that specific game file.

Replay  Winning Spider Solitaire Games on a second computer.

  • The saved games can be played directly from the CD.
  • Open the Spider Solitaire Saved Games folder as above.
  • Select and copy the files to CD.
  • Place the CD in the second computer and open the CD file.
  • Double click the game you wish to play.

Have a Spider Solitaire Competition!

Stop guessing about who is the better spider solitaire player; Have a competition!

For the competition to be fair all players must play the same game and winners compare their game scores. All Spider Solitaire games are unique and unidentifiable so judging the best player is almost impossible…until now!  Now you and your friends can replay the same winning games.

This Save and Replay method insures honesty.

By saving the winning game one move prior the win, everyone can see the win and the score each replay. There is no doubt about the win or the winning score.

So have a competition; call it the Spider Olympics, and find out! Gathered a group of friends together, have them bring their laptops and winning games. Then you can finally answer the question, Who is the Better Spider Solitaire Player? 

** Other considerations.

The Saved Games folder is a dedicated Microsoft folder name and should be left intact. Spider Solitaire will continue to function even if the Saved Games folder is missing or misnamed however you will not be able to save current games. Renaming your saved game is harmless and very simple and is done in the Saved Games folder. If you feel uncomfortable with this procedure you should not try it.

Restart game prompt

After you have saved a game, your computer will ask you if you want to restart your saved game.  To avoid this prompt, rename or delete the saved game. Renaming the saved game immediately after saving it will prevent accidental over writing the next time a game is saved.

Spider Solitaire Statistics  

Replaying games will affect the win/loss ratio or the winning % on the computer on which it is played.  Replaying a game on CD will change the stats.

Good luck to you and above all HAVE FUN!

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