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Spider Solitaire Game Options

As the publisher of a free spider solitaire website, I often see inquiries about how to change colors or how to save games in progress and more. These options and others are readily available to all players. Whether you are new the solitaire card game or play solitaire often and stuck in a rut, it might be time to explore your Spider Solitaire Options.

Customizing your Spider solitaire card game is quick and easy. 

Let’s get started.

Go to your Spider Solitaire Game. Clicking on the Game tab opens a window displaying:
  • New Game
  • Undo
  • Hint
  • Statistics
  • Options
  • Change Appearance
  • Exit

Saved Spider Solitaire games are shown here in this window. Rename and copy your Spider Solitaire games here.

New Game: Starts a new Spider Solitaire Game.

Hint: (the key h) When selected Hint will chime and highlight two cards which can be played together. If there are no available moves, a bleep sound is heard and the reserve cards are highlighted.
Hints on Hint:
  • Only one hint is shown at a time and that may or may not be the best move available.
  • Hint will not show you move combinations. In other words, a move you can make if you make another move first.
  • Because hint can not show you move combinations it often announces the game is over when you have other moves to make. Many times I have gone on to win a game after the game has been pronounced over.

Undo: (Ctrl z) Using this function will undo or reverse the last move. This can be done repeatedly until you return to the desired game configuration. Remember that when using the undo feature, 1 point is subtracted from your score and 1 move is added to the moves counter.

Statistics: Here you can view your winning game stats by level of difficulty. Also available here is the option to reset Spider Solitaire game stats.  As your game skill improves you may wish to reset the winning game stats to see how much you have improved.

  • Difficulty: Here you can select the level of difficulty. The difficulty increases with the number of suits selected. As your game skills improve you may wish to challenge yourself by selecting a higher difficulty level.
  • Display Animations: If checked the computer will deal and pickup the cards rapidly one at a time. If unchecked the cards just magically appear or disappear as needed.
  • Play sounds: If checked you will hear the sounds of cards being moved about and a chime sound when the hint function is used.
  • Show tips: This option will display a pop-up explaining errors in your play.  For example, it will explain that you cannot put a 9 on a 6.  This option can be annoying and distracting, when I play solitaire, I do not have this box checked.
  • Always continue saved games: Check this box if you want the computer to restart your last spider solitaire game where you quit playing.
  • Always save a game on exit: This automatically save your solitaire card game on exit without prompting.

Now Let's Play Solitaire!

Good luck to you and above all HAVE FUN!

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