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I was bitten by the Spider Solitaire Game bug.

Here in lies some of the things I’ve learned in my 1,000s of hours seeking revenge for that moment when I was bitten by the spider. I now spend my time playing the Advanced Spider Cards Four Suit game. The version of spider cards that I play is the copy that came with my computer, published by Microsoft.

As with all solitaire games; you are playing against yourself. The way to keep score of who is winning (you vs. spider) is to monitor the Spider Cards Win/Loss ratio or win percentage that is displayed at the end of each game. The way I look at it, if my stats improve, I am winning. If my advanced Spider Cards Four Suit game win/loss ratio falls, I am trapped in the spider’s web.

When I play while watching TV or on the phone or killing time between tasks, I win occasionally. If I sit down and PLAY TO WIN, I can win on a regular basis. Sometimes a game may take an hour or more. Time can get away from you if you are a serious player.  If you want to win Spider Cards Four Suit game, you must take it seriously.

This article assumes that you know how to play Spider Cards and that you would like to improve your win percentage or to beat advanced spider cards 4 suit game for the first time. While I’m not an expert I do win on a regular basis. Whether you are a casual player or a hardcore Spider Cards player, you may benefit from some of my observations.

 Of course to win Spider Cards you must remove all cards from play by making 13 card runs of the same suit, ace through king. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from. The 1 suit (all Spades) game, 2 suit (spades and Hearts) game and the 4 suit (all 4 suits) game. The 4 suit game is for the more advanced player.

To do this, there will be occasions when you will need to breakup existing runs to create larger runs. You may have spent a lot of time building that run but to win you must break it up. There are no straight lines in this game; it may take 10 moves to place 1 cards in the desired location. That is just the nature of Spider Cards, do not try to fight it or the spider wins.

The best tip I can give a player is to play the game as though you were playing the game Free Cell. 

If you have never played Free Cell, take a moment and try a few games.  Its fun and you will see how learning to play Free Cell can improve your winning Spider Solitaire strategies.

In Spider Cards, if you have an empty tableau pile you can make an unbelievable number of moves that can not otherwise be accomplished.  AND, if you have 2 empty tableau piles, you have a great chance at squashing the spider.

For the remainder of this article, I will refer to the “tableau pile” as a “cell”.

Winning Spider Solitaire Strategies I Use

Spider Solitaire Strategy 1        Acquire a “free” cell

Each time you replenish the cells from the stock pile your first priority should be to acquire an empty or “free” cell. This might mean giving up an obvious move were you match up cards of the same suit.  With a free cell you can accomplish so much more and there is a good chance when you’re done, those cards will be paired up anyway.

Always select the cards from the cell with the fewest cards in the blind.  This means on the initial Spider Solitaire deal select cards from the right cells first. Remember your goal is to ACQUIRE a free cell.

Spider Solitaire Strategy 2          Before a new deal

Before a new deal, position the cards in play in away that will increase your chances of acquiring a free cell early in the new dealt. Do this by keeping the exposed cards to a minimum on small blinds and one suit strings on empty cells.

Spider Solitaire Strategy 3          Costly Kings

The only time you can move a King is to a free cell. That means that for the remainder of the game, you can never use that cell again as a free cell. Only move a king as a last resort.  Kings COST you a free cell.

Spider Solitaire Strategy 4        End All Aces

When an ace is exposed in a cell, no other cards can be played on that cell.  If you can avoid exposing an ace, do so. This will increase the number of cells in play by 10%. This is the one exception to rule #4 (splitting pairs).  All Aces END any chances to play additional cards on that cell.

Spider Solitaire Strategy 5        Split those Pairs

In every game there comes a time when like cards are placed on one another; example a 4 dealt on a 4. When you finally get the 5 you need to move a 4 off the cell, you’ll find that now you need another 5.  It might just be my bad luck talking but I SPLIT PAIRS.  Don’t split aces, this ain’t blackjack.

Spider Solitaire Strategy 6        The Pit Cell

The major goal of each hand is to obtain a free cell. That involves keeping your cells short and one suited. To do this create a cell for your unwanted cards. I call it the Pit or garbage cell. Pick a cell that is going to be difficult to empty (paired kings) or has paired aces (you do not want to slit) and toss cards in there to keep your other cells short and single suited. This will help you acquire more free cells.

Tips to Improve Your Win/loss Ratio

When I play Spider Solitaire I try to keep these ideas in mind. While these are game hints and not winning strategies, they may make the game easier to play which should help improve your win percentage statistics.

Spider Solitaire Tip 1        Mix those colors

All thing being equal (all rules applied) if you have 2 cards you can play, mix up the colors.  As the cells grow in length and the cards get harder to distinguish, you may not notice an off suit card in the middle of your straight. However if the card is a different color, it will stand out.

Spider Solitaire Tip 2        Check your end game

When the game is over and you lost, look at the remaining cells. Look for a pattern in the number of cards remaining in the blinds. If you notice a pattern, for example; the blinds on the right are generally smaller; you may not be scanning all cells equally when looking for moves.  Try to avoid concentrating on one area of the game board.

Spider Solitaire Tip 3        Play your hunch

If you desperately need a 9 and there aren’t many 9s in play, chances are a 9 will be dealt next draw. Plan for it…you never know?

Spider Solitaire Tip 4        Too many all a-like, all at-once

Did you ever get 4 10s on a draw and already have 5 of them in play. The first reaction is to bury them. Then near the end game you need 10s.  It’s obvious that if the majority of 10s are dealt at once, 10s will be scarce later on in the game. Keep some of those all a-like, all at-once cards handy for the end game.

Spider Solitaire Tip 5        I can win this

We all have those games we know we can win but can’t find the right move. Take a break. It doesn’t have to be a long break. Get a soda, pet the dog, give your lover a kiss, it doesn’t mater. As soon as you return you’ll see a completely different game. Just keep in mind you can’t win’em all.

Spider Solitaire Tip 6        The computer can be wrong

Sometimes you have planed 4 or 5 moves ahead to move a large run of cards, and in the middle of that move, the computer stops you. The computer tells you, you have lost. Return to the game and complete your moves. I have won many games after the computer said I had lost.

Spider Solitaire Tip 7        Do not rely on the “Hint” key

If you rely solely on the hint key to determine if there are any more moves, you are missing many opportunities. The hint key will show you the obvious moves remaining not the necessary moves to win. Hint will not show you compound moves. Hint can not show that to make a great move you must first make two other moves. Compound moves are where the games are won.

Spider Solitaire Tip 8        One string = One card

If you have a run of cards of the same suit (string) consider them as one card and move them as such. Do not hesitate to breakup this string for the greater good.

Good luck to you and above all HAVE FUN!

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